There are steps to import your contacts from Google Contacts (Gmail) to Prayvine:

  1. From your prayer team, click on "Manage partners".
  2. Click the "Import from Google Contacts" button, then click on the "Sign in with Google button". This should open a browser window or tab where you can log into your Google account. If you do not see a new browser window or tab, try turning off any pop-up blockers and try again.
  3. Select or log into your Google account and click "Continue" to allow Prayvine to import your contacts.
  4. Your Google contacts list will display on the page. Select the contacts you'd like to import. You can use the search button to find specific contacts to import. Click the "Import contacts" button.
  5. You must have permission to email imported contacts. Click to confirm that you have permission to email the contacts you'd like to import.

  6. Congratulations! You've successfully imported your list from Google Contacts and are ready to share a prayer request.