Many mission workers find that it isn't necessary to explicitly introduce or explain Prayvine to their prayer partners. This is because prayer requests sent through Prayvine look like simple, direct prayer request messages from you. Here is an example of what a prayer request message via Prayvine looks like:

Our goal is to help you mobilize prayer, and extra information about Prayvine can draw attention away from your prayer needs. As a result, we generally recommend sending your prayer requests without trying to explain what Prayvine is.

That said, some mission workers want to communicate with their prayer partners about the fact that they are using Prayvine. We've written a short template you can copy-and-paste beneath your first prayer request in case it's useful:

P.S. I'm sending this prayer request to you through Prayvine, a communication platform created specifically for mission workers and their prayer partners. You can learn more about Prayvine at

This is what the example prayer request above looks like with the added introductory sentence: